Friday, May 11, 2012

Meeting and Greeting

We've met a few new friends over the past few days!

Hollie is my best friend from high school, and we just happened to have babies a few weeks apart!  We got to go meet Hadley Wednesday afternoon.  It was SO crazy holding a normal sized newborn - I'm used to manhandling my 14 pound baby. :)  I was afraid I was going to break her!  She is such a pretty baby!

I had to run up to my school yesterday to get a few things, so of course I couldn't step foot in there without a baby to show off. :)  We were there for almost an hour meeting Mommy's co-workers!  I tried to go after school so I wouldn't distract the kids, and I'm still trying to limit the germs we're exposed to, but she did get to meet a few of my students too.  I was nervous because this was my first time out of the house by myself with her, but she was so was during nap time, so she catnapped most of the time.  She even slept enough to let me go get a drink from Sonic on the way home!

I had a doctor's appointment this morning, so Noah kept her by himself for the first time.  From what I heard, she slept the entire time.  And hopefully this is the last time I have to go to the doctor without Emma Ramey for quite awhile.  This was my last postpartum appointment, and everything checked out great!

And another big milestone in our house...I think we have officially retired the swaddles.  She was wrestling out of them every time she wore them, and the weight recommendation on the one's we have only went up to 14 pounds (which I'm pretty sure she's at), so it was time.  I was worried she would wake herself up without it, but she has slept SO much better! 

She likes to sleep with her arms up by her head...this is how she sleeps every single time.  No wonder she didn't like the swaddle!