Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Crazy Week

It's been a hectic one around here!

It all started this weekend.  One of Noah's fraternity brothers and best friends got married in Birmingham.  We had to go to the rehearsal Friday night and the wedding Saturday.  Since Emma Ramey is still so little, we didn't want to leave her overnight, so we drove up there and back both nights.  Kind of exhausting, but fun!

She got to stay with my mom...and I don't think either one was complaining. :)


Saturday, right before we left.  She sat in the nap nanny and watched me get ready.

With the most handsome groomsmen there. :)  He was so excited about his seersucker suit!

We stayed until about 11 both nights, which put us back in Tuscaloosa around midnight.  It's a good thing our baby is such a good sleeper - she barely woke up when we got back, and slept for the rest of the night both nights!

This week, I've had to work.  I didn't want to miss my kids' last few days, and I've got a lot of packing and cleaning to do in my room.  It was only four days, but it was SO hard to leave my sweet girl!

I haven't gotten many pictures this week, just because it seems like I've been SO busy.  Seriously, working moms deserve some kind of isn't easy. Thankfully I've got an awesome mother-in-law taking care of Emma Ramey and a pretty awesome husband helping around the house and helping pack up some at school too!

I have ONE more day of work!  Part of it is kind of sad, but I am mostly just SO excited about it!  Starting your dream job is pretty cool. :)