Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2 Months

This post is a little late - we've been out of town for the holiday weekend!  More on that tomorrow.

Emma Ramey - you are TWO months old!  Here's what you're up to now.

 (I stole this list from a friend's blog...I like how it's organized and has the same thing for every month!)

Last week you were 14.4 pounds...still packing on the weight!

I have no clue.  You go for your 2 month appointment tomorrow, so we'll see then.  I'd say you've grown a lot, because you're gaining weight but not really looking any chunkier!

Clothing Size:
  Solidly in 6 month clothes now.  Every once in a while I'll still find a 3 month you can squeeze into.  I bet we could get away with a few 9 month outfits if we had to!

  Very much size 2.  I wouldn't be surprised if we started trying size 3's before long.

You're eating about 5 times a day now (sometimes 6, depending on what time you get up).  You usually eat about 6 oz. at each feeding.  We're doing breast milk out of a bottle almost every feeding now...it just works better all the way around!  You're hungry after half the feedings if we try to just nurse.

You've gotten a lot more hair in the past few weeks!  You've still got the baby mullet going, but you're starting to get some more hair at the top of your head.  I think it might be turning lighter.  And your eyes are still very blue!

You are such a great sleeper.  Usually, you go to sleep at about 9 at night and sleep until about 7.  You also usually take 2 naps a day, probably around 1 1/2 to 2 hours a piece!  Moms on Call has worked so well!

Fun Stuff:

- You've started laughing in the past couple of days!  It is so cute!

 -You just started noticing the TV.  I think we may have to break out the Baby Einstein videos soon!  You couldn't take your eyes off of it this weekend.
- I think we're pretty close to rolling over.  You get on your side sometimes, especially if we hold your arm down.

-You love men...seriously.  You will just smile and smile if a man talks to you.

-You've just started noticing your hands and feet.  You like to put your hands in your mouth even if you're not 
hungry...Mommy's not too excited about that habit.

-You're trying to talk to us a little bit!  It's just screams and babbles, but you only do it if we're talking to you.

-I can't believe how big you're getting!  I just love you more and more every single day!