Sunday, April 1, 2012

Our First Weekend

(I will eventually catch up on the hospital posts, I promise!  That's my goal for the next week.)

We've had such a good weekend.  I keep on looking at Noah and saying, "Seriously, are we going to find anything that's not perfect about this child?"  She is textbook perfect so far!

We had to go for a weight check Saturday morning, since she had lost some weight at the hospital.  But it seems like we're back on the right track - she went from 9lbs, 10oz on Thursday to 9lbs, 13oz on Saturday!  She got a little fussy (since it was time for a feeding) right before we left, so the lactation nurse, just out of curiosity, got me to feed her and see how much she's getting out of each feeding by weighing her before and after. problem in that department...she got 92cc's from that feeding, and that was a shorter feeding too!  Just as a frame of reference - the one time we had to supplement in the hospital, the little bottle they gave us had 40cc's for 1 feeding.  The nurse called us her "star students" was so good to hear that we're doing the right thing!

After that, we came home and tried out a few new gadgets.  She liked the activity gym (but liked it a whole lot more today!).

She also got her first sponge bath.  Wasn't a fan.  It will be interesting to see how she reacts to a real bath once her cord stump falls off!

This morning I cooked for the first time...omelettes.  Not the most complicated thing ever, but I'm glad to be sort of getting back into my normal groove. :)

As we're cooking, we put Emma Ramey in the nap nanny. We checked in after a few seconds to see this...

Hardy had gotten one of his toys and put it next to her.  Is that not the cutest thing EVER??  I could have died.  He's been very timid around her so far, but he's really starting to warm up to her!

I mean seriously, I can't stand it.  (And yes, we only left the toy there to get a child won't be playing with nasty dog toys. :))

Hope you guys had a great weekend!