Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hospital Stay

Phew...I see now why new moms fall off the face of the planet for a couple of weeks.  We're getting into a great routine, but it's still hard to find time to do anything but take care of this sweet baby!  We're having a blast learning all about her and figuring out our new routine though.

We've also had some more excitement around here (not that we need anything else to keep us busy :)).  I can't tell what it is until Monday, but it's good, I promise!  I'm going to do a post about it Monday.

Here are pictures from the rest of our hospital stay.  We were there from Monday morning (when I was induced) until Thursday afternoon.

These were taken the morning after she was born.  I'll be honest - that Tuesday morning is a little fuzzy.  I had just had a c-section less than 12 hours before, and all of the medicine hadn't completely worn off yet.  I remember most of it, but Noah is still telling me some of the details!  I was good by that afternoon though.

In her first outfit!  Her nails were super sharp when she was born, so we had to "mitten" her.  She still has a huge scratch on her face from the first night!

I did get a picture with Emma Ramey's "aunts"!  These are girls that I work with, Becca and Selena, and have become very good friends of our's.

I wish I had gotten more pictures of friends that came to see us!  We had several visitors that I completely forgot to get a picture with.  But I'm so glad we got to see everyone and show Emma Ramey off! :)

I finally got up and tried to walk that Tuesday night.  FYI - if you ever have to have a c-section, try to get up and walk around as soon as your doctor lets you.  Surprisingly, it actually helped a lot with the pain!


Noah's parents came to see us again first thing Wednesday morning!

And they brought presents.  One of them was the blanket Noah used going home.  Isn't it pretty?  Emma Ramey used it too.  Look how much Noah and ER look alike!

We got our first time just as the three of us Wednesday afternoon.  It was great!  The hospital stay, for the most part, is kind of hectic, and it was so nice to just have alone time.

Our hospital does a celebration dinner for the new parents...this was our first "date" for the three of us!

We also tried on bows for the first time that night!  I can't get over how cute she is in these. :)

We went home that Thursday after this...I'll do another post for that, hopefully tomorrow!