Monday, April 9, 2012

Busy Day

We have just a little bit of activity going on around here. :)


Emma Ramey had her first pediatrician appointment this morning!  She is looking just perfect.  Since last Saturday, she has gained a whole pound...from 9lbs, 13oz then, to 10lbs, 13oz now!  I was expecting some weight gain, but not that much. :)  So we have to go-ahead to let her sleep through the night as much as she will...we're going to try that starting tonight!

Everything else is looking great too.  She only grew about a fourth of an inch, but her head circumference went up too.  I can't believe how fast she's growing!  We were ordering diapers earlier, and decided we needed to go on and order size 2's - we're looking at needing to use those in a month or so.  Crazy!

We went and got a quick lunch, and headed home for her newborn pictures.  She was a little fussy since we're so off our schedule, but we got some great shots.  I wish I had a few to show - they are going to be great!  I'll definitely put a few up in a few weeks when we get them back. 

And, as if we needed anything else to do around here, Noah had a little bit of a change today...he started a new job!  We haven't really said too much about it yet, but we've known for a couple of weeks there was going to be a change.  He got a GREAT offer from Metlife Home and Auto that he couldn't refuse.  It really is a good opportunity to be a forever kind of job for him - he's so good at what he does, and this is going to let him live up to his full potential.  I'm excited for him!

My favorite part - he's been able to be home with us since Emma Ramey was born, and he's going to be working from home for the next couple of months!  We are both so excited that, even though he's going to be working, he will be here for all of those big moments in the first few months.

And Noah told me to add that, if you would like to finance our diaper usage, give him a call for your home or auto insurance. :)  Seriously, it's a good product...let me know if you're looking for insurance, and I'll get y'all in touch!

It's a busy day, but it's a good day!  That being said, this mommy needs a nap. :)