Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend and Doctor's Appointment

Warning:  This is a sort-of rambling post, because I'm in a sort-of rambling mood. :)

We've really gone into maintenance mode at this point.  I worked like a CRAZY woman for the past two months to get my house ready, school ready, etc. for what's about to come, and I think everything's honestly?  We're getting a little bored around here.

Yes, you can laugh at me.  I will EAT those words here in about 2 weeks, I'm sure.  But there is nothing left to do!

We did wash everything in the nursery and all of the baby clothes this weekend, something I've been meaning to do.  But my house is clean, work is ready to leave at any given time, bags are we just need a baby!

We took it easy this weekend.  It's going to be a LONG time before we get just be lazy and watch movies, take naps when we want to, and lay around and do nothing, so we did.  We're just trying to enjoy this time before it's gone, and soak up every last little bit of being pregnant while I still am...even if it is getting to the uncomfortable point.

I did make this for a work meeting velvet cheese ball.  Yeah, you read that right.  Heaven!  Here's the recipe.

I had my weekly check-up with the doctor this morning.  I was really convinced I had made some progress...I had a ton of big (and somewhat painful) contractions yesterday afternoon, so I thought, surely those have done something.  Nope.  Nothing.  Apparently we have a little girl that is very comfortable and not looking to make her appearance any time soon.  Y'all just pray she doesn't take after her daddy - I think I've mentioned this before, but he was 2 WEEKS late when he was born.  Not days, weeks.  I just hope that's not hereditary. :)

I'll let y'all know if anything changes - I know we have a lot of sweet people out there following our story that will want updates!  But as of right now, nada.  Which is great until Friday...I wanted to work until then anyway.  Then it's game on. :)