Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Rest of the Story

Ok, as promised, here's what happened after 4:00 yesterday!

So I'm trucking along just fine with my epidural until about 4.  The small hot spot I thought I had slowly turned into feeling pretty much everything in my abdomen and back.  We called in the anesthesiologist again to up it, and he told us at that point that we couldn't add anything else after this until probably 7.  Between the pain, knowing that this was all I could get (and that it might not work either), and just everything, I started just bawling.  And, at this point, I'm fighting through contractions coming about every minute and a half.

Well apparently the last dose of epidural wasn't enough for pain, but was enough for the rest of my body.  I started throwing up, shaking, and still couldn't stop crying because of the pain.  It was not the prettiest part of the whole process.  I'm talking ugly cry, on top of being sick...it's a good thing my husband loves me. :)

My nurse came in, and after seeing that the last epidural upper wasn't doing much, offered me Demerol.  I got that, and within maybe 2 minutes, I was OUT.  I had never had Demerol before, and just assumed it was a milder pain killer than the epidural.  I assumed wrong.  That stuff saved my life!

Apparently while on said Demerol, I was quite a show.  At one point I was mumbling to Noah, and all he knows was that I said something about Dan Aykroyd...haha!  Also, at one point, my mom came in and asked how I was doing, and I looked at her and very rudely said "I'm in LABOR."  So just be warned, if you ever need to take Demerol, it don't play.  You will become a side show.

When I wasn't entertaining everyone, I was asleep.  I really needed it - I hadn't had over 5 hours of sleep in 2 days, and it just all caught up with me.  I woke up when my doctor would come in and check me though.  She checked me at about 6...I was at 7cm.  Checked again at about 8...8cm.  She told us at this point that if I wasn't ready to push by 10, she thought it was best to call it and do a c-section.

Well 10 rolls around, and I was still stuck at 8.  The Pitocin was still pumping, but I just couldn't get in a good contraction pattern, and they never got super strong.  So we made the call at that point to do a section.  It really was the only option at that point.  I was SO weak from fighting through contractions for 16 hours, and knowing what we know now, there is absolutely no way I could have gotten her out on my own.

So, within a few minutes, they're getting me ready to go to the operating room.  I was in there by 10:20, and they had her out by 10:33.  The section was not bad AT ALL...just a lot of pressure.  I was so worried that I would feel it, but besides the tugging and pulling, didn't feel a thing.  It's amazing that they can have you in surgery, doing everything they did, and you're still awake!

She came out with a little whimper, which was good...since she had meconium in her fluid, they wanted to get her good and suctioned before she really started screaming.  Hearing that whimper was one of the best moments of my life...I immediately starting crying.  Noah was right there with me too!  After a few minutes, they weighed and measured...I was SHOCKED when they called out 10lbs, 5oz!  We figured high 9's, but never that much.  Girl is a CHUNK!  She honestly weighs more than she looks though.

After NICU checked her out and everything was fine, Noah was able to take her to see family while they got me fixed up.  That was actually probably the most painful part of the whole c-section - they had to give me a little more numbing medicine because I started feeling a tiny bit of what they were doing.  I haven't taken the bandages off yet.  That's my project for after breakfast - taking the dressing off and getting a shower.  I'm in some pain right now, but nothing too extreme.  They took me off morphene this morning so I could eat, but I'm still taking some other medicines to help with the pain.

I went to recovery after that, and Noah came in a few minutes after I got there.  Emma Ramey stayed in the nursery with the grandparents.  They are in love!  I have some of the sweetest pictures of them.  The internet connection here isn't so great, so I'll post a bunch more pictures when we get home!

After about an hour in recovery, they got me in my room and brought her in.  I hadn't gotten a great look at her in the OR, so this was my first chance to really see her.  Y'all - I know she's mine, but she is BEAUTIFUL!  I can't get over it.  She looks a lot like Noah when he was a baby.  I was able to nurse...for the first time, she did a great job!

I was able to feed her once I got in the room, and the grandparents got to see her for a few minutes before they went home - it was 1 in the morning at this point, and they had had a long day too.  We kept her in the room for just a few more minutes, and she went to the nursery for a bath.  We went to sleep after a wonderful, but LONG day. :)

I fed her again at about 5 this morning.  Noah and I sent her back after about an hour so we could get a little more sleep and get everything done that we can't do with her in here, but she should be coming down here in a little while!  I am rushing through everything trying to get her here right now, so if this post was rambling, that's why. :)

I can never thank y'all enough for the sweet words, prayer, well wishes, and advice you've sent our way over the past few days!  My phone has been buzzing constantly from all of it, and I love it.  What a great support team we have!