Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Quick Update

Everything is looking great (but still the same) as of this morning!  This little girl is healthy as a horse...stubborn, but healthy. :)

We went in for another round of tests to make sure Emma Ramey's holding up in there.  We actually had a 30 minute ultrasound this morning to test for a few indicators.  She showed every one of them (I know they were looking for movement, stretching, practice breaths, etc).  In the 30 minute test, it took her 27 minutes to show practice breathing...not a problem, she was just sleepy and not moving around much.  But she showed everything else within a few minutes of the test starting.

So we're a go for Monday!  I'm really thinking I'll make it until then too...the few contractions I was having have basically stopped since I'm off my feet.  Now, I know it can happen quickly, and who knows, that might happen...but I just don't see it.  And really, as long as I can get comfortable and she keeps moving around to let us know she's ok, I'm ok with that now.  I would prefer to go into labor naturally, but this lets all of our family be in town, let us know that my doctor will be available, and just gives us a little bit more control over the whole thing.  So it has its advantages too. (Once again, I don't want to start a natural vs. induction debate...I think different situations call for different solutions, and no one but your doctor and you can make the call on that!)

And thank y'all for your sweet words family appreciates it so much!  The funeral is going to be tomorrow.  I'm not going to go because we don't want to chance me going into labor there, but the rest of my family will be there.