Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Smartphone Apps

I haven't done one of these posts in awhile, but we've found a few money-making apps over the past few weeks that we LOVE!  Since I've got nothing but time on my hands right now, I thought I'd share them. :)

(You might want to open this post on your smartphone...it'll be easier to download the apps with the links I've given below!)

-Viggle is one that we just found this weekend, but is really easy and is paying out a lot!  With Viggle, you let your phone listen to your TV (kind of like Shazam, if you've ever used it), and it detects what you're watching.  Once it detects what show you're watching, you get paid to watch TV!  Pretty much every show you could watch is detectible with this app, and it pays you with points (that you trade in for gift cards) for the amount of time you watch a show.  You can also watch a TON of videos for points.  I've only had it a couple of days, and I've already got a $5 gift card!  You can go download it here, and start checking in to shows! (Just FYI - you need to be 18 and a US citizen to use this one per their terms of use.)

-JunoWallet is another fun new one we've found.  You get paid for downloading apps to your phone...all you have to do is open the downloaded app to get paid!  You can go here to download it, and put in the referral link 'LL731974' when it asks for a referral code...you'll get $0.25 automatically when you download this!

-Field Agent is one I think is pretty cool.  You're basically doing quality checks for stores.  Once you download it, you will have any opportunities to do these checks pop up on your main page.  Once you accept the check , you go to the store it says, take a picture of what it says (usually a shelf or a product at the store), and they pay you for doing it!  You have to be quick though - these go fast!  But they pay really well - we usually get anywhere from $3-10 per check.  And if you're going to that store anyway or it's on your way somewhere, that's easy money!  Go here to download Field Agent on your iPhone.

-We're still using and loving WeReward.  It lets you "Check In" at lots of different businesses for 5 cents a check-in...that really adds up when you're doing lots of check-ins a day!  You get 10 cents if you take a picture of a business, and 25 cents if you take a picture with a purchase from a business (usually restaurants).  You're going to these places anyway, you might as well get paid a little extra for it!  I've made probably $20 a month off of this app for the past few months by just checking in!  Go here to download this one.

-Checkpoints and Shopkick are both old favorites.  They are similar - you get points for checking into places, and for scanning certain items at stores.  Once again, we usually make around $10 a month in gift cards from these for doing basically nothing!  Click here to download Checkpoints and here to download Shopkick.

None of these are a get rich quick scheme, but they are a great way to make a little extra money!  Hope they help you too!