Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Miscellany

No, no baby yet.  

I can definitely feel some changes going particular, lots more contractions and a little more pain.  But every time I change positions or give it a little time, they stop.  I'm taking it as promising that at least I'm seeing something though!  Still hoping to go into labor naturally before Thursday - and yes, I'm following every old wives' tale in the book (within reason) to try to make it happen.  So far, no good.

This is my first "official" day of maternity leave I guess - last week was Spring Break for our schools, so this is the first day my kids are at school and I'm not.  They are in EXCELLENT hands, but I'm still sitting here a little nervous that everything is going ok!  It's hard to turn over a class you've worked with all year, particularly in the middle of the year.  But I'm sure that they are well taken care of.  I (very, very briefly) thought about going back today, until my mom and my husband told me I was crazy and reminded me I would probably go into labor in front of 16 six-year-olds if I did.  I'm not sure if that would traumatize me or them more.  So I'm just going to eat a few sick days and enjoy the last few days of peace!

Sleep has probably been the worst part of being overdue.  I can't get any!  I'm waking up every hour and a half to two hours to use the bathroom and change positions.  But by about 6 or 7 hours in, I can't make myself fall back asleep!  Then, I try to take a nap in the afternoons, and that's about the point that my contractions for the day no sleep there either.  I know this is the Lord's way of getting me ready for what's about to come...but I'd like to get some sleep while I still can!  

Last night, Hardy decided he wanted to bury a bone at about 2:30 in the morning.  Let me describe Hardy burying a bone to you - he finds an old rawhide bone in the backyard, brings it in the house (and whoever lets him back in is usually too sleepy to notice), then tries to bury it in a piece of furniture or his bed, which obviously doesn't work.  So he barks at it because he's mad.  Loudly.  Until one of us gets up and hides it from him.

That woke me up and I couldn't go back to sleep.  So I get up to use the bathroom...come back to bed, and this is what I find.

I'm too big to move a 50 pound beagle right now (and he knows it), so I just gave up.  I did LOTS of catching up on middle of the night TV last night. :) I finally broke down and took a Tylenol PM about 4:00...I hate taking those because it makes Emma Ramey not move as much the next day (which makes me so nervous, especially right now), but I had to get some sleep.  I finally went back to sleep around 6, and slept until 9.

So, in summary, still here, still waiting, and a little sleepy. :)