Friday, March 30, 2012

First Few Days / Pictures from Monday

Hi everybody!  We're finally home and getting settled.  Everything is going GREAT!

We were in the hospital until yesterday afternoon.  You have to stay a little longer for a c-section, so we were there a day longer than expected.  I could have stayed until today, but we were ready to be home!  Something nobody tells you about the hospital - it is NOT restful or relaxing.  Between people being in and out of your room constantly, having to keep track of every little detail of every little thing you do, trying to settle into a routine with the baby, and just not being in your element, I thought the whole hospital thing was a little exhausting.  We had some great people taking care of us, but as soon as it was safe for us to go, I was OUT of there! :)

We're settling into our new lives now...and it's going great. :)  Emma Ramey is SUCH a good baby.  We seriously couldn't have asked for her to be better.  She's got a pretty good schedule going, she eats well, and she's not really all that fussy unless she needs something.  It's so much fun learning her little personality and figuring her out!

Ok - so to say we have a few pictures of this week is an understatement.  There's NO way I could do it all in one post, so I figure I'll do a day's worth of pictures each day for the next few days until I catch up!

Here are the ones from her birthday...

About 4am on Monday morning, getting ready to go to the hospital...I was a HOUSE!

Saying goodbye to Hardy. :)

All ready to go at the hospital!  With all of our family that was there.

So 16 hours later...I had made no progress in 4 hours and didn't seem to have any chance of making any more.  So we went in for the c-section.  Before labor, I said I didn't want one, but I was SO relieved at that point to be getting one!  And we found out a little bit later that it was inevitable.

She's finally here!

Finally getting to hold and see her!

Meeting everybody else

With Noah's dad

With my think her grandfathers like her? :)

After a VERY long day

My first time to hold her!