Monday, March 12, 2012

Doctor's Appointment and The Plan From Here

We went to the doctor again this morning...

Let's just say this child is nice and comfy in there.  No change.  Again.

I am actually really surprised.  The past couple of nights, I had some pretty intense contractions that I thought SURELY had done something.  But nope!

So we talked to the doctor about what we should do from here.  She doesn't like to let her patients go more than a week past the due date, because of a risk that the placenta can get old and stop working.  So, as long as there's no change (which I really don't think there will be), I'm going to go in Friday morning for a Non-Stress Test and an ultrasound.  This will make sure my fluid levels are still good, the placenta's still working, and she's in a good position/doing fine.  As long as that looks good, we'll go through the weekend and see where we are after that.

I've said this whole pregnancy (and before it, really) that I don't want to be induced unless it's medically necessary.  I DON'T want to cause a big debate over this, but I've just seen that induction, while it can be really good when needed, can cause a lot of unnecessary issues when not needed.  So, as long as I'm good and she's good (which we both are at this point), I don't want to be induced.  Simple as that.

But, now we're starting to look at the point when it might be necessary.  The placenta not working is scary, and I'm definitely going to take my doctor's advice if she doesn't want to go more than a week past my due date.  So, that means we will more than likely meet this little girl (at least) before next Thursday!  And, right now, I can't really complain...I'm not comfortable by any means, but it could be a lot worse. I could be swollen to no end, and I'm not.  I could be having round the clock contractions, and I'm not.  I could be sick, and I'm not.  So it really isn't that bad in perspective!

I'm trying to enjoy "the calm before the storm" in the meantime.  Like I mentioned earlier, I'm on Spring Break this week anyway, so I literally have NOTHING to do.  My house is clean, all of my sub plans are more than done, I'm not doing blog designs right now since I don't know if I could go into labor at any time, so I'm just here, hanging out with Hardy and watching LOTS of TV. :)

She's got to come out sometime.  I keep telling myself that.  Over, and over, and over. :)