Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Change of Plans...

Last night around dinner, my mom called and told me that they thought my uncle might have had a brain aneurism, and was in the hospital.  A few hours later, she called back to let me know that he had passed away.  He had cancer that was in remission, but the cancer drugs had taken a toll on his body, and we're thinking that is probably what caused multiple aneurisms.  He would have been 70 years old today.

I wasn't super close to this uncle, but it is hard to hear that a family member has passed.  It is actually my dad's half brother.  He had two children and four grandchildren...so any prayers for their family would be greatly appreciated.

So...not only is it sad and really hard to hear about a family member passing, but it throws a little bit of a kink in our plans for this week.  The funeral is more than likely going to be Thursday, and I don't want my dad to miss his brother's funeral if we can help it.  So we made the call this morning to push the induction back to next Monday, which is another option my doctor offered us last week when we originally scheduled.

Yes, I will be almost 42 weeks pregnant at that point.  But one advantage...it does give my body time to see if I can go into labor on my own, which is something I'd like anyway. (No signs of anything new as of right now, by the way...hopefully giving it a few more days will help.)

I'm going in for another NST/ultrasound first thing tomorrow morning to make sure everything's still ok to wait.  Our big concern before pushing the induction back another 4 days was that everything was still healthy enough to wait that long.  As long as she is still fine and I'm still fine, we'll plan on going in Monday morning (if not sooner on my own).

Lots going on right now...some I haven't discussed on here just yet, but to say that life is crazy right now is an understatement.  Just keep saying it with me...she has to come out sometime...