Monday, March 26, 2012

Birth Day

Hi from the hospital!!  I'm going to use this blog post as kind of my journal for the day.

8:00am - We're here and settled!  I've been up since about 1.  I went to sleep about 10, and was having contractions the entire time I slept.  They weren't regular, but strong.  I finally couldn't sleep through it about 1am, so I watched some TV and fought through them until Noah woke up about 3.

We got here about 5, checked in, and got my IV.  They had started the Pitocin by 6.  I'm having contractions about every 6 minutes now...that's one good thing about the Pitocin, it's making them much more regular.  They're still really in my back, so we'll see how that goes.  I'm currently waiting on anesthesia for my epidural, so that should be any minute now!

My doctor broke my water about 7.  I had a little bit of meconium in the amniotic fluid, so the NICU will have to be in here when I deliver.  My doctor said it's pretty common for babies that go past their due date to have it.  It was also pretty difficult for her to break my water, which she said may be one reason I never went into full labor on my own.

9:30am - I've got my epidural!  Let me just profess my undying love for the person that invented these. :)  I was starting to get to the point where I couldn't deal with the pain, and there are 5 inductions at the hospital today, so we went on and got it so I wouldn't wait too late.  The actual epidural wasn't bad, but I started having really bad contractions really close together while I was getting it.  The position you have to sit in while you're getting it was not comfortable for contractions either, so that was pretty rough...definitely the worst pain of the whole thing so far.

But I'm on cloud nine right now!  No pain at all.  I'm about to take a nap so I've got the energy to get this girl out later on!

11:20am - Tried to take a nap and just couldn't...too much going on!  I'm completely and totally pain free right now though, and got some nice rest.  I've got one little spot that I can's not painful and doesn't have pressure, I can just feel it.  Let's hope it doesn't turn into a hot spot!

I was still at 4cm about an hour ago, so they upped my Pitocin.  They just upped it again because my contractions aren't developing a great pattern.  We're both hanging in there great though!  I'm pain-free, and Emma Ramey's heart rate is still looking really good.

1:20pm - Still just hanging out!  They checked me not long ago - I'm at 5cm, almost 6.  She's still sitting really high, so they've got me trying to sit up to drop her a little...besides that, we're making good progress!  The nurse just told me that they expect you to make about 1cm an hour progress, so we're maybe looking at delivering around dinner.

Still having to up the Pitocin.  My contractions will get consistent for awhile, then get sporadic, and they're still not as strong as they want them.  So I'm at a 14 on the Pitocin right now and increasing every 30 minutes until we get a good pattern.  The highest it can go is 20.

3:35pm - Had a little action since the last update.  About 1:45, I started feeling the contractions again in my right hip.  It progressively got worse with each contraction, until I could just about feel all of it, so the nurse called the anesthesiologist to up my epidural.  She turned me on my right side to try to get the medicine into my hip better, and missy decided she didn't like it...her heart rate went way down.

They immediately turned me over to my left side and got an oxygen mask on me.  Luckily, my doctor was nearby.  She came in about the time that Emma Ramey was evening back out...ER only freaked out for a minute or so. After that, they put a heart rate monitor on her scalp to get a better idea of what it was.

She's been fine ever since!  They had to cut off the pitocin for a little bit to help her catch back up, and they are in the process of bringing it back up right my contractions got a little weaker for awhile.  I'm still making progress though - we're at about 6cm as of when they put the monitor on her scalp!

Oh, and all of our family and Noah had gone to lunch when all of this happened. :)  Of course.  So Noah walks back in to a bunch of people and me in an oxygen mask.  Freaked him out a little.

But we're doing great now!  I tried to nap a few times and just can't make it happen.  I've got another little spot right in the middle of my belly that's giving me some problems, but I can control it with the epidural button they gave me.  And I'm snacking on a popsicle right's a GREAT popsicle. :)