Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Bib

Around Christmas, I was shopping and found this bib, and HAD to have it.  I just knew she would be here by now, and it would make for some cute pictures!

Well, y'all know the baby as of this afternoon, so probably no St. Patrick's day baby.  But the bib did make for some fun around here today. :)

A few days ago, Noah and I made a fun little wager with the bib.  He was just sure I wouldn't go home from my doctor's appointment yesterday - I was sure I would.  So if I was right, he had to wear the bib all day today - at least I could get one Lambert in it!  If I was wrong, he didn't have to bring me sushi in the hospital (which I've said I wanted this whole pregnancy).  

So, guess who won?

Ok, I'll be honest...I only made him put it on for the picture.  He didn't have to wear a bib all day.  But guess who took up his end of the bet?

And he loves it...he's worn it all day!

So no, no St. Patrick's day baby...but I appreciate my guys getting some use out of the bib today and making me laugh a little. :)