Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Baby Shower From First Graders :)

In quite possibly the SWEETEST thing I've ever seen done, my first graders threw me a shower Thursday (with a little help from their parents). :)  It was so cute!

The "spread"...complete with cake and punch!

This was my gift...they had made a book of parenting advice for me!  Each child did a page of what they thought was the most important advice I needed.  It is PRECIOUS!  They also each gave me a diaper with a sweet message in it...but according to them, I'm not allowed to open those yet. :)

Me opening the gift. :)

The kids even decorated for my shower!

As of today, I am officially on maternity leave!  This upcoming week is Spring Break for us (yes, I was due during Spring Break...worked out pretty well. :)), and I'll be taking 9 weeks after that.  I'll go back for the last few days of school!