Thursday, March 8, 2012

39 Weeks

Size of Baby: According to Baby Center, we're pretty much at her birth weight...about 7 pounds and 20 inches, or the size of a mini (haha...right!) watermelon!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I actually either lost some weight this week, or it was because I weighed early in the now up around 22 pounds total.

Maternity Clothes: Still have my select few that fit.  Pants actually aren't too bad since I'm all belly, but shirts are a challenge!  I'm definitely more comfortable in a huge t-shirt and very roomy shorts. :)

Gender: It's a GIRL!  Emma Ramey

Belly Button In/Out: The slightest bit out.  Like, only part of it.  You can't really tell unless my shirt is tight!
 Stretch Marks: Besides the belly button scar and "the line," nothing!
Labor Signs: Still nothing...little miss is very comfortable in there. :) Some Braxton Hicks in the afternoon/night, but nothing big.  Still 1 cm dialated and 25% effaced as of Monday.

Movement: She had one night this week (I think Sunday?)  where she was SUPER punching me in the pelvis, kicking me in the ribs, turning all kinds of circles, CRAZY active.  We haven't had another night like that.  She was a little bit slower the couple of nights after that...I think she wore herself out!

Sleep: Really not bad at all!  I don't like sleeping on my side, but that's only temporary.  If that's the worst part of it, I can deal with that!

What I miss: Still just looking forward to functioning normally.  I can't wait for sushi either...I've told Noah which specific kind I want in the hospital! :)

What I am looking forward to: I only have one more day of work, then I (hopefully) get to take it easy for a few days before she comes!  I can't wait!

Cravings/Aversions: Sort of wanting spicy food, still really thirsty, wanting a lot of fruits/vegetables.

Symptoms: Just unable to move. :)  Waddling, some Braxton Hicks at night, and a little nauseous first thing in the morning/last thing at night...I don't know where that's come from.

Best Moment This Week: My sweet kids at school threw me a shower today!  It was SO SO sweet...they even made me a book of parenting advice. :) I loved it!