Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Showers #2 and #3

Ok, so like I said in the last post - I'm a lucky girl.  I had 3 showers to welcome this sweet baby!

The first shower was about a month was held by Noah's family.  The second shower was Sunday, and it was held by my side of the family.  We have LOTS of babies showing up on that side of the family lately!

The pretty food table!

The pretty big woman and the pretty food table! :)

With my mom and Noah's mom.

All of the loot before...

...and the loot after!  She got a LOT of great things!

I also had my work shower yesterday.  I absolutely LOVE the people I work with...they were very good to us!

I thought this was the cutest's a blessing ring that I can hang in her nursery.  I'm planning on putting all of our shower cards on here too!

Here's everybody writing Emma Ramey a sweet note for the ring!

Opening presents!

Mack (my friend Becca's sweet little boy) recognized something that he had at home when I opened it, and ran up to see why I had his stuff!  It was too funny!

Sweet hostesses and good friends!

The best principal in the WHOLE wide world...I can guarantee you I will never have another boss that's better than her!

So we are all but ready at this point!  I think I need another week or two to get everything finished up and organized, so stay put a little bit longer little girl!