Monday, February 6, 2012


So Noah was out of town this past weekend, so it was just Hardy and me here.  I still haven't figured out if I was nesting or just bored, but between my computer charger breaking (I'm using my last little bit of power to write this post) and having nobody to distract me, I got a TON done this weekend!


-am now completely caught up on thank you letters

-cleaned my house as much as I can at 8 months pregnant.

-caught up everything I could with blog design, including finishing up all of my orders, updating bookkeeping, and catching up all emails. (Don't forget, if you're ordering, I'm cutting off all orders next Friday!)

-cleaned out all of the files on my hard drive and organized the ones I was keeping.

- (I think) picked out Emma Ramey's baby book...I'm still deciding between two.

-Hung up/organized all of Emma Ramey's clothes.

-Picked out and ordered Emma Ramey's Easter basket.

-...and my personal favorite...packed our hospital bags!

the list on top is everything we still need, just in case I can't do it or we have to pack the rest in a hurry.

I had to brag about all of this, because I am NEVER this productive on weekends!
Maternity pictures tomorrow...I'm hoping to have a preview up by Wednesday!