Monday, February 20, 2012


It's been a busy weekend around our house!

I had a shower this weekend (more on that later...), so Noah's parents came in town...partly to come to that, and partly to help us install new floors in our house!  We've had carpet throughout since we moved in, and it never was the best quality...between that and having a Hardy that made it disgusting, it was looking pretty rough.  Noah thinks Emma Ramey's going to come out crawling :), so he wanted to get decent floors in the house before she got here.

See?  It was ripping up at the seams.  Just not looking great.

I couldn't really do much (and wasn't really allowed to do much :)), so Noah and his parents did the bulk of the work.  Of course, Hardy supervised too...

...and loves carpet padding now apparently.

They worked REALLY hard most of the day Saturday and all day Sunday, and this is how it turned out!  I'm loving it!

I also got my push present today, just a couple of weeks early. :) 

My old camera was great, but we decided it was time for an upgrade.  Noah told me about it early because he wanted to have it in to use in the hospital, and so we could get any accessories we needed.  It is INSANELY nice!  We went with a Nikon D90, and I'm very happy we did!

I have another shower tomorrow (how lucky am I?), so I'm going to wait and do 1 big post about my last two showers...stay tuned!