Monday, January 16, 2012


I really have nothing of consequence to blog about tonight...just a bunch of random thoughts!

-Nesting has officially begun.  I was literally standing in the middle of my hall, staring around blankly, searching for something to dust last night.  And the nesting doesn't just mean cleaning for me!  I've gone into overdrive to finish the nursery (which is almost done!), clean up my computer, finish up with blog design, etc...I just want to get things done!

-I'm liking this "ease back into work" thing.  I worked 4 days (only 2 with kids) the week before last, 3 days last week, and I'll work 4 days this week.  This is really how they should do it every semester! :)

-I made it 7 months of this pregnancy without getting sick (barring morning sickness)...and that time is over.  I've got the crud, big time.  The big problem is the coughing - it is killing me! I've coughed so much this afternoon that my head hurts.  I can't take anything for it right now besides cough drops, so I'm just having to suck it up and be a big girl.  But it's not helping my not so great sleep situation!  Not fun - hoping this goes away soon! (And if you have any remedies for a pregnant woman with a cough, throw them my way!)

-The obsession with buying cute baby clothes has gone into overdrive too.  I feel like my entire facebook feed is now made up of facebook pages that sell children's clothes.  I finally had to cut myself off this weekend...we are almost out of space in the closet and she isn't even here yet!

-I am a major to-do list person.  That being said, I go through phases with keeping one - sometimes it just gets overwhelming and I quit keeping one altogether because I get a little OCD about keeping it up to date.  I got an Erin Condren a few months ago, and for some reason just couldn't get myself into the swing of using it.  Well...I updated my iphone last week, and discovered the new Reminders app...and am obsessed.


It is so easy to use!  So I think I'm officially back on the to-do list bandwagon.  This might not mix well with nesting.

-I just put up my info about maternity leave for the blog design I do!  It made everything feel SUPER real!  Here it is:
Have a great Monday night friends! :)