Wednesday, January 11, 2012

National Championship!

(In case you missed it...) Alabama was in the National Championship game Monday night, and Noah and I (with his parents) were VERY lucky to get to go to New Orleans for the past few days for all of the fun!  We had a blast on what is probably our last trip before baby! :)

Noah's parents live in Hattiesburg, which is about an hour and a half from New Orleans.  So we stayed there with them Friday night and Saturday.  We definitely got some shopping and eating done...probably more than we should have. :)  Then, Sunday, we headed to New Orleans!

We were standing by the team buses in front of the team hotel.  I have no idea when they came out, but there was a crowd, so we didn't stay to see them.  But there were like 4 buses that looked like this!

And no, several have asked...we didn't go to the game.  The plan was to go if ticket prices got reasonable Monday, which they didn't - as of like 3:00 that afternoon, the cheapest we could find was around $1000 per ticket.  I'm sorry, but I could NOT pay $2000 for a football game when I'm 7 months pregnant (or anytime, for that matter).  But we did go to the Superdome Monday for all of the events going on!  It was a lot of fun!

You can see how much of the crowd was LSU in this was A LOT!  But I must say that everybody was incredibly nice to each other, with the exception of a few bad apples.  Everybody was kind of having fun with one another, but not taking it too far or getting in a was great!

This was where they were doing ESPN broadcasts!

So we ended up watching the game at our hotel.  There were a lot of fans in the lobby, so we had a good crowd to watch it with...and I got to eat this instead of crummy stadium food during the game... I was a little happier with this decision. :)

It was SUCH a fun weekend, but I do believe that'll be our last big doctor told me no big travel after about 34 weeks.  And I got ALL of the walking I ever want to do at 7 months pregnant out of my system - I am so sore today!

Oh, and Roll Tide!!! :)