Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

We have been RUNNING for the past week, but it has definitely been worth it!

On Wednesday afternoon (the minute I got out of school), we headed for Noah's hometown of Hattiesburg, MS.  We had to do Christmas there a little early this year because of everybody's schedules.  It actually turned out great - in my opinion, it doesn't matter when you celebrate Christmas! 

We got to spend some time with our sweet niece, Avery!  We've only gotten to be around her a few times since we live so far away from her.  She and Emma Ramey are going to be about a year apart...what a fun age gap! :)

The most fun part was watching her open presents!

I think this was after everybody started opening presents...there were that many.  Most were for the grandkids!  We were incredibly blessed!

There were a few cute matching gifts, including a copy of "100 Things It Means to be a Dad" for my brother-in-law and Noah, and a couple of cute matching outfits!  I foresee a lot of those in our future!

Poor Hardy...he's adjusting, slowly.  He got a bone as a Christmas present and carried it WHEREVER he went, kind of like he was telling everybody how that was his.  Little sister getting all of these presents didn't sit well with him!  He eventually buried it and did what he does best, went to sleep in a corner.  Sweet puppy. :)

On Saturday, we headed back to have Christmas with my family.  This is the "kids table" at Christmas lunch...everybody that wasn't at the kids table ended up being jealous, because we had so much fun talking and catching up!

We had actual Christmas with my family last night.  Here are all of the grandkids with my Granny!

And here is my immediate family!

It was a busy Christmas, but a very fun one...I have a feeling next year is going to be even better! :)