Thursday, December 29, 2011

29 Weeks

How IN THE WORLD is this going so fast?!  It seems like I just started the "20's", and this is my last week!  Crazy!

Size of Baby: According to Baby Center, about the size of a butternut squash...about 15 inches long (WOAH!), and around 2 1/2 pounds...I would guess bigger than that though.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Up around 12 pounds from pre-pregnancy.  And I had to share this - I have to wait until I'm off the scale to see what I weigh now... I can't see the screen because of my belly. :)

Maternity Clothes: I've been wearing a lot of pajama pants and big t-shirts around the house this week.  But in public, definitely maternity.

Gender: It's a GIRL!  Emma Ramey

Belly Button In/Out: A little flatter every week...

Stretch Marks: None!  I finally started using lotion every day this week (I know, I know, I was a slacker in this department)...hopefully that will help!

Movement: Girl is ALL over the place.  I finally realized that I can feel her rolling around this week.  And lots of hiccups too!  She's had them 2 or 3 times, and Noah got to feel them one time!

Sleep: Getting weird.  My dreams are off the scale crazy now, and wake me up a lot during the night (usually I'm mad or upset because something bad happened in the dream).  I just wish I could cut dreams off...I think I would sleep a lot better!

What I miss: Breathing this week...there are times I just can't get a good breath because she's sitting high!

What I am looking forward to: There's a lot in January!  We've got classes, the national championship, (and I think) showers...busy, busy!

Cravings/Aversions: I've noticed I can't eat quite as much.  I'll be really hungry, but will sit down to eat and only be able to get down a few bites before I'm full!  I've been thirsty a lot too.

Symptoms: Some Braxton Hicks (especially if I haven't had a lot of water that day or the day before), shortness of breath, and a VERY wiggly tummy. :)  I'm pretty sure I had my first experience with her sitting on a nerve Tuesday too...I was just fine, and then all of a sudden I had a really, really bad pain in my right much so that I couldn't even work through the pain.  It would hang around for about 15 minutes, then go away for a few minutes, then come back again.  This kept up for most of the afternoon.  Needless to say, that wasn't fun, but I finally found a comfortable position to lay down and put a heating pad on it, and it eventually stopped.

Best Moment This Week: Noah feeling the hiccups...he was excited about it. :)