Monday, November 14, 2011

Leslie - Step AWAY from the computer

So I have a few new online obsessions...

First are these precious sites that have cute clothes at like half off.

Zulily has Petit Ami (which I am officially OBSESSED with) for up to half off today, and Totsy is starting a Vive La Fete sale at 8pm tonight!  I am a smocked dress addict, so I'm trying to buy this now while I can get a good deal on it.

The trick to these is to check every day...just get in the habit of it.  Sometimes they have nothing, and sometimes they have a bunch of great just depends!

Ok, and I was that girl that SWORE off Pinterest.  I didn't get it, and didn't understand why it was so addicting.

Until I tried it.

It is a TIME SUCK.  Seriously, how did I not understand this sooner?  I have gotten SO many cute ideas over the past few days, and it's gotten me out of my cooking rut!

and here's the final product...

SO good.

I also got all Betty Crocker and made homemade Bisquick.  Honestly, it wasn't a huge savings over just buying the box, but I was proud of myself!

Here's the final product...

(Just be warned though...beagles with black fur might not want to stand in your way when you're making this one...)


I've got pretty much all of my meals planned out for a few weeks because of Pinterest.  And they've got good DIY tips for your home, projects, sewing, you name it, it's there.  SO much fun!

Now I've just got to peel myself away from the computer. :)