Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ultrasound Details and Video :)

Yesterday afternoon was just the best!

We normally get back pretty quickly for ultrasounds, but my doctor's office was busier than I've EVER seen was standing room only when we got there!  So we ended up waiting about 30 minutes.  You can imagine that was the longest 30 minutes ever. :)  Both sets of our parents were there too!

(Oh Em Gee the belly...I haven't seen it from this angle yet.  It looks weird!)

After they got us back, the ultrasound tech went for the gender shot right away...I'm so glad too...I wouldn't have made it much longer!  Here's most of the ultrasound...I am SO glad my father in law recorded this!

Like I said, everything was looking perfect, but they couldn't get a good angle of the heart (not that anything was wrong, she was just being very wiggly).  So I get another ultrasound in four weeks...I'm not complaining!

We went to dinner with everyone afterwards.  Excuse the following pictures, I'm looking pretty scary.  It had been a long day. :)

SUCH a fun afternoon!

I'm honestly still getting used to the idea of "her" being a "her."  I had guessed girl, but I had always assumed we would have all boys.  I have 2 brothers and Noah has 2 brothers, so we are very predisposed to boys...I guess that was my reasoning anyway.  So I was a little shocked that it was a girl, but in a good way! The more I get used to the idea, the more I like it. :)

I also told my classroom kids today.  They were so cute!  My ABSOLUTE favorite comment was from one of my little girls...she looked at me, serious as she could be, and said, "I wondered why your tummy was getting big!"

Thanks for noticing sweetheart.