Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Sunday was a super fun (and exhausting) day...we went to Birmingham to do all of our registries!

In all honesty, I've had a registry going pretty much since I found out I was pregnant.  I would highly recommend this - as I saw something I wanted, I added it.  That way, you're not overwhelmed when it comes time to register, and you can just make all of the registries just about the same by using that main one!  Plus, I'm a little bit of a registry stalker, so that helped too. :)  If you don't want anybody to see it, see if the place where you register has a "private" setting...that's what I did until I was ready!

I used Amazon for my main registry...and  I LOVE it!  It's the one I would just prefer everyone to use if they were willing, because...
  • almost all of the prices are cheaper than stores
  • you can get almost ANYTHING on there!  Seriously, I think there was one thing I wanted that I couldn't find on Amazon.
  • If you use Swagbucks or Checkpoints, you can use those to buy from there...and y'all know I'm a fan of that. :) 
  • Free shipping over $25!
  • You don't have to pay state sales tax!  There's an automatic 9% discount for me right there!
Plus, it's been the easiest one so far to use, as far as the website goes.  Nobody from Amazon paid me or asked me to say any of this, I just like their registry that much!  You can check out our registry for Amazon here! http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/baby/3IZ5K4P4MTH62

We also registered at Target. This one was mainly for those that just refuse to buy things online...Target is really the only local (big) store we have for baby stuff.   I started this one about a week ago, and we went in the store and finished it Sunday!  I tried to put a link up to it, but it's being weird...so just go to target.com and search Leslie Lambert under baby registries. :)

My last (I promise this is my last :)) registry is at Babies R Us.  Like I said, I love this one too, but we don't have one locally, so it couldn't be my only place.  It was overwhelming though!  There is so much to scan there, no matter how prepared you are.  I was worn out after that experience! :)  (And, if you're about to register there, there is a $10 gift card when you register for the first time coupon out there...see if you can find it!) Here's that one: http://bit.ly/n67rnV

Ok moms...this is where I need your help!  What things do I have on these that are completely unneeded?  What did I forget?  I think I've done my homework, but if you have any suggestions, let me know!!