Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nurseries and Nieces

This weekend, we started cleaning out what is now our junk room to make way for a nursery!

Here are the before pictures...

(In all fairness, Noah was asked to get out of the way of the picture in his pajama pants...he declined, fully aware he would be on the internet dressed like this.  So I don't feel bad. :))

Do not let these pictures fool you...this room was awful.  Like, had been throwing junk in here for 3 years awful.
And the after...this is after 2 basically full days of cleaning and throwing away...

Yes, it basically doesn't look different...I know.  But we threw out SEVEN bags of trash, not to mention a few boxes of just junk!  Basically everything in that second after picture that's in the corner is trash, we just don't have room in our trash can this week because we threw out THAT much!  

There was a lot of junk that had accumulated in that room over three years.

And there's also not a big difference because it is now FULL of baby stuff!  We had baby stuff we have been buying for 2 years stuffed in our 2 spare closets, and everything got moved to this room over the weekend.
Now, once we can get the old furniture moved out (should be in the next two weeks), and get rid of the mattress that wouldn't die (see first before picture), we'll be in business!

If you look close in the after picture, you'll see our bedding!  I had a very sweet blog reader email me after I put up my nursery ideas...turns out, she lives in the same area, had the same exact bedding that we had picked, and was turning her little girl's room into a toddler room...so she offered to sell it to us!  How perfect!  So we went and picked that up Sunday.

Now, we're waiting on the trash can to empty out a little so we can get rid of the rest of the trash, and then furniture should be delivered in the next few weeks!  We ordered the furniture the night we found out...just because there was an awesome sale going that ended that night.  And we changed up the furniture a little...I can't wait to show it all together!

On another note, our sweet niece (and her sweet mommy) came to see us last night!

Please look at the baby, not at me...I don't know what's up with me posting these rough looking pictures lately!

They are visiting family, and we were on their way from one destination to another, so they stopped in and had dinner with us.  It was good to see them...the last time we saw the baby was the weekend we found out we were pregnant!  We've BOTH grown since then! :)