Sunday, October 9, 2011

Great Things

Emma Ramey went to her first Alabama game this weekend!  It was homecoming at Alabama, which we usually always go to.  After a frustrating time finding a parking spot (I forget how much that annoys me every time we go to a game), we headed to Noah's fraternity house for a little bit.

Which brings me to my next awesome thing...after we left there, we went to look at the sorority lawn decorations, and stopped by my sorority house for just a second.  Guess who started kicking me like crazy when we got there? :) I smell a future legacy...

After we left there, we headed to the game!  Our SWEET friends gave us tickets!

Another great thing that happened...there are now FRIED OREOS at the concession stands in the game.  And yes, they are better than they look.  We watched Gameday yesterday morning and they kept on showing those awesome fried foods at the Texas State Fair, and it got me craving something obscure and fried (I blame pregnancy). :) So these were exactly what I needed!

We left at halftime, because apparently sitting on those bleachers doesn't agree with pregnancy.  Plus, that way, we were able to pretty much escape traffic (sidenote - for those who know Tuscaloosa, we were able to drive down McFarland with NO traffic.  It was kind of creepy...).  So we were home by the end of halftime to watch the rest of the games!  It was really nice!

This afternoon, we are headed to Birmingham to eat lunch, pick up my engagement ring (that I haven't had for a month while it was being fixed), and start one of our registries!  I am so excited...I've been waiting to do this for a long time!

It has been a GREAT weekend!