Sunday, October 2, 2011

Boy or Girl?

Hopefully, we find out TUESDAY if this sweet thing in my tummy is a boy or girl!  I'm so excited!

More than anything, I just want to know that he/she is healthy and growing on track...a lot of people don't realize that the ultrasound where they check for gender is also a check the major organs, body measurements, etc.  to make sure they're normal.  I can't wait to see everything...and getting the know the gender is an added bonus!

I borrowed this from Julee...I thought it was a pretty good list of "old wives tales" about the gender.  I also added a few I've heard at the end.  It should be fun to see if this adds up to the real thing!

Morning sickness: I have definitely had it, so GIRL

Soft or dry skin? Somewhat dry, so BOY

Are you craving citrus? A little? More fruits than anything.  I'll go with yes, so BOY

Have you felt glowing or less than beautiful and had lots of breakouts?  My skin's been about average...  BOY

Heartbeat indicator: I've had FAST heartbeats...the slowest one I've ever had on the at-home doppler has been in the high 140' GIRL

Craving fruit or meat?: DEFINITELY fruit...I've hated meat!  I've actually been picking meat out of food, but have loved fruit!  GIRL

Pendullum test: The two times I've done it, it's gone back and forth, not in GIRL

Dreams: Almost every dream I've had has been about a GIRL...but I did have one where we were at the ultrasound appointment and found out it was a boy!

How are you carrying the extra weight?  Everything except for clothes that concern my belly is still fitting loose since I've lost weight.  The only extra weight I have put on is very low in the belly... so BOY

Does your pillow face north or south when you sleep?  Not really sure what this has to do with baby gender, but GIRL

Chinese Gender Calendar: Says BOY

Hair on legs:  I thought this one was has grown a little bit faster, which says BOY

Addition test (Month you got pregnant + age when you got pregnant):  Odd, which says GIRL

Do you eat the end of a loaf of bread?  I never have, so I don't know if this counts, but GIRL

So, final verdict according to this...Boy has 6, Girl has this really doesn't tell me much of anything. :)

Come on Tuesday!!!