Thursday, October 27, 2011

20 Weeks

We're halfway through!!

Size of Baby: A cantaloupe (HOLY COW!)...about 6.5 inches and 10.6 ounces!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Movin' on up! :)  I'm up about 3 pounds now from my first appointment.

Maternity Clothes: As you can see above, regular shirts are starting to get a little small. :)  I can still wear most, but maternity shirts are much more roomy!  And I tried to wear a couple of regular pants (buttoned and all) this week, and couldn't figure out for the life of me why the bottom part of my stomach was sore by the end of the day...oh, I don't know, probably because they don't fit AT ALL anymore.  So maternity pants or the Bella Band from now on.

Gender: It's a GIRL!  Emma Ramey

Movement: She kicks all the time now!  I can especially tell when I drink something sugary.  We still can't get Noah to feel one yet...they're either too light (even though I can feel them if I put my hand on my stomach...I guess because I'm feeling them from the inside too), or she stops before he can get his hand on my stomach.

Sleep: Not too bad!  My neck hurts sometimes from sleeping on my side, just because I'm not used to it.  But the pregnancy pillow is a MUST if I don't want to wake up on my belly and be sore all day!

What I miss: Nothing!

What I am looking forward to: We have another ultrasound Tuesday!

Cravings/Aversions: Just FOOD!  I think I'm making up for those 3 months I couldn't eat.  I still have times every once in a while when I'm queasy, mostly at night...but for the most part I'm eating a ton!

Symptoms: Sore belly (growing pains), some nausea/morning sickness (only if I take my vitamins too late at night), some moodiness, a little bit of waddling starting. :)

Best Moment This Week: Getting our furniture...I LOVE it!!!

Weekly Wisdom: When pregnant, sitting down is your friend.  This is from a 20 week pregnant teacher who went on a field trip yesterday...just trust me.