Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nursery Planning :)

 I am so excited that it's almost time to start baby shopping!  I'm not sure if Noah is as excited about the shopping part. :)  I've waited so long to do this, and already have so much planned!

I'll be honest...I've been planning this nursery for a LOT longer than 15 weeks.  This has been in the works for years!  As I see something I've just kind of made a note of it...and this is the combination of all of it together!

We're leaving the walls the neutral color that's throughout our house, regardless of boy or girl.  Our whole house is basically the same color, and it would just stand out in a bad way if we painted one room.  Plus the color matches our idea for both nurseries!

Our boy and girl nurseries are pretty much the same. :)

In either a boy or girl's nursery...

I've had SO many people recommend Best Gliders!  They are expensive, but we're getting one that can be used in another child's nursery...so worth the money to me!  The one for our nursery will be in a Linen color, not the one pictured above...

I LOVE the thought of having a big, shaggy rug in the nursery, in front of the crib...this just so happens to be made by the bedding manufacturer, so it matches perfectly!

I'm planning on doing some type of tie-up valence for the curtains...sort of like this, but with our fabrics obviously.  I thought about doing floor-length curtains, but Noah didn't like the idea, and I've heard it's not the best idea when the baby becomes mobile and starts pulling at things.  So we're going with the valence!  This is something I'll make myself.

To hang over the crib, I'd like some kind of monogram, but I'm still undecided on it...something classic though.  I don't really want to do the vinyl decal that a lot of people are doing, maybe something framed...I don't know, jury's still out on that one. :)

For boy's nursery...

Our furniture set...Monterey by Bedford Baby.  I've looked at several ones and just keep going back to this one!  It's a convertible crib, so this is furniture that will stick with the baby for a long time (we did the same thing for a girl)...so we went on and decided to spend a little extra since it was an investment.

Our bedding Central Park by Glenna Jean.  This actually wasn't in the original plan at all!  For years, I have planned to have the bedding custom made.  But we were in Buy Buy Baby a few weeks ago, found this, and just fell in love!  It has the same exact toile fabric we were going to use in the custom bedding.  With coupons and discounts, it's going to be much cheaper too!

For girl's nursery...

I've had this picked out for a long time!  It's Sorelle Vista in French White.  We're planning on getting every piece shown here (ignore the fact that the chest of drawers is grayed out).  Once again - it's convertible, so it'll be long-term kind of furniture!

Our bedding for a girl would be Madison by Glenna Jean.  This is pretty much the same story as the boy's bedding - we were planning on doing custom bedding, but this is SO much cuter and has the exact toile pattern we were going to use!  It is almost identical to the boy's bedding, but in pink tones.

Now I just need to know what this kiddo is and start shopping! :)