Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Where'd She Go?"

Yes, I've been decidedly off the radar for the past week.  Read bullet points for explanation!

(Quick little bit of housekeeping - I'm going to move the classroom show-off to tomorrow, mostly because I didn't get pictures of my room today. :) Check back tomorrow afternoon/evening!)

-School starts back next contract starts TOMORROW.  Where did summer go?  Any teacher can tell you that the first few days back are incredibly exhausting.  I know, you poor babies have to go back to work after 2 months off. :)  But it is really tiring getting back into the swing of things though!  I've been working on my room and doing some pre-testing this week.

-I have had a TON of blog orders come in in the past 2 weeks for some reason!  Very thankful. :)

-I have come to realize that my house is a HOT mess.  In all of that spare time I've had, I'm trying to maintain it, but I'm doing a pretty poor job.  Getting a housekeeper is getting more tempting every day!

-We went to Nashville last week with Noah's job!  It was a lot of fun - but I'll admit - I didn't get ONE picture.  Sad, I know.  We stayed at the Opryland Hotel, and literally left once...there's just so much to do there!  It's seriously a little city.

So yeah, there's my oh-so-exciting life right now.  I just need to get back in the swing of things, and I'll be back to my multitasking, blogging, working, cooking, cleaning self!