Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Sweetest Pictures in the World :)

(Excuse the quality of most of these...they are pictures of pictures.)

I've been lucky enough to have four ultrasounds done so far.  The first one was to check for a baby (because of my blighted ovum) and a heartbeat...that was around 6 weeks.  This has been my favorite one so far - I LOST it when I saw this picture for the first time!

Keep in mind, I had never seen one of our babies on an ultrasound before...so this was absolutely incredible!  I would just stare and stare at this picture.  The actual baby is the line...the circle above it is the yolk sak.  It's weird that it was so little just a few weeks ago!

The next ultrasound is the result of me being neurotic/crazy a funny story.  So around 6 1/2 weeks I started getting symptoms.  Well, about a week later, they just disappeared.  Of course my crazy brain started cranking, and I got nervous.

I had a few old pregnancy tests in the cabinet, so I thought I'd take one just to see if it was still positive.

Yeah, if you're past like 5 weeks, don't do that.

I took it and it was a good bit LIGHTER than my other ones.  So my crazy side goes into super overdrive, and I called my doctor.  After that, I started consulting Dr. Google (as I too often do), and figured out everything was ok.

Want to know why?  At about 5-6 weeks, the hormone in your urine starts breaking down, and will show less positive on a pregnancy test.  Don't judge me on the grossness here - but if you water down what you're testing with, it will go back to showing positive again.  And it did...very weird!

So, I had calmed down by the time the doctor called back, but they still enabled my craziness let me come in for an ultrasound, just to make sure.

This was the only one where I haven't measured ahead of my original due date - but I was just glad to get a good, strong heartbeat that time!

The third ultrasound was at 8 1/2 weeks...and the baby DEFINITELY hit a growth spurt in that week.  I went from measuring 7w0days at the last appointment to 8w4days at this one (in only a week's time)!

At this one, we could actually see the baby moving...very, very cool!

Then, 2 weeks later, we got to see him/her again.  This time we could definitely make out full arms and legs...it looked much more human! :)

In two weeks and two days, we went from 8w4days to 11w1day...we've got a fast grower on our hands. :)  The baby wasn't really moving around this time, but heartbeat was good and strong (181bpm) and it was only about a 3 minute ultrasound...so I wasn't too worried about it.  It is cool to see them move though!

We're 11 weeks, 5 days today...I'm SOOOO close to that 12 week mark!  I stopped taking the progesterone last night too because I had some weird reactions to it over the weekend.  So far, so good! :)