Friday, August 26, 2011

Details :)

I cannot express how overwhelmed and thankful we are for the texts, emails, comments, tweets, facebook posts, etc. we have guys are the best!  Last night and today was kind of like the email version of Christmas...I couldn't wait to see the new comments!

So on to the dirt. :)

- I am 11 weeks and 1 day today, specifically.  My due date is March 15th as of right now (during our spring break!).  I figured March 18th before we went to the doctor, but the baby has measured at least 2 days ahead on all but 1 they bumped me up!

-Speaking of ultrasounds...they are just the best ever. :)  Needless to say, I have been incredibly nervous before each one.  It's just that old experience coming out...I hate that I do it, but I can't help it.  But everything has been perfect at every one!  The first one was one of the best moments of my life...the first time we found the heart beat, I just cried and cried.  It was AWESOME!

-AND speaking of heartbeats...we've got a fast one!  It was 131bpm at 6 weeks, 156bpm at 7 weeks, 172bpm at 8 1/2 weeks, and 181bpm at 11 weeks.  I KNOW everybody's going to say girl after hearing that, but I don't buy into that one!  I honestly don't have an inkling about gender either way yet.  And I really think me being nervous before the ultrasound is bumping the heart rate up a little too.

-Not everything in this pregnancy has been picture perfect.  I tested at 10dpo (SUPER EARLY) 12 dpo (before my period was even supposed to start), I started spotting, just like the last pregnancies.  Obviously, I freaked, and called the on-call doctor (it was a Friday and the office was already closed).  It wasn't my regular doctor who knew our story, so I kind of had to talk him into giving me some kind of progesterone supplement.

Alright, let me get on my soapbox about progesterone for a second.  I honestly don't believe I would have kept this pregnancy without being on something for a progesterone deficiency (I'm on Crinone 8% if you're wondering).  I had my levels tested at first and they were NORMAL.  But yet I was spotting 2 days later.  I've had many, many women comment on the blog and tell me in real life that I needed to watch my progesterone closely next time, that that could be my problem (so many that my mom was reading my blog one day and asked, "What is this progesterone everybody keeps talking about?"). So it was always in the back of my mind that this could be our issue.

Sure enough, I started taking the Crinone that night, and the spotting was gone the next day, and hasn't been back.  So, if you start spotting during pregnancy, have them check your progesterone IMMEDIATELY!!  If it is still normal, but you still spot, see if your doctor will put you on some kind of can't hurt, and might help!  I honestly believe now I could have saved my second pregnancy if I had known about this.

Ok, off the soapbox now. :)

I have also had been somewhat achy, especially over the past few weeks.  It feels like stretching, and the doctor confirmed that's what it probably is, but it will still freak you out a little. :)  I've read multiple times that stretching cramps are a GOOD thing, so I've just got to get used to that!

-I have had symptoms.  The progesterone makes me very tired (hence the blog sketchiness...I've been going to sleep at about 8 every night!).  I started having morning sickness at about 7 weeks.  It's been off and on...I'll be fine one day, and the next I'll be sick all morning.  It's mostly when I wake up, and then again a little bit at dinner.  But I've had a prescription for Zofran that has been my BFF! And I'll admit, I've actually kind of liked having the's been my sign that something's going on in there. :)

- I'm starting to show just a little!  It's funny, I'm in that stage where I get the "are you fat or pregnant?" look.  I'm going to start doing weekly updates next week...I've been taking pictures of the bump (mostly bloat) since 9 weeks!

-From here, I'm not quite back to being a normal pregnant woman yet.  I stop taking the progesterone in a week...which I'm SUPER nervous about.  By 12 weeks, your placenta is supposed to take over production of progesterone, so you don't have to take the supplements anymore.  I have read probably a hundred times now that it is normal to be nervous, but it will be fine.  Still scared though.

I'm also still going to the doctor more frequently.  She told us yesterday that she'd let me go back to being a normal patient after this next appointment.  I've been in every two weeks so far, and I go in again in 2 weeks.  After that, I don't know...but my guess is my next appointment will be the gender ultrasound! :)

We just can't tell you how happy and BLESSED we feel!  I don't take it lightly at all that we've been given this gift.  I can't begin to thank all of those that have prayed for us, and continue to pray for a great pregnancy and a healthy baby.  You will never know how much we appreciate you. :)

And just a note for those still waiting for their miracle...I almost felt bad to post last night because I know it can feel like a kick in the stomach to read those posts.  I felt kicked many, many times.  But just DON'T lose that faith.  I know, easier said than done, but sometimes, knowing that God's got this one is all you can do.  Just know that I am praying for you all!