Friday, August 5, 2011

Classroom Show-Off 2011!

Welcome to Classroom Show-Off 2011!

You can see my classroom from 2010 here and from 2009 here.

I haven't really changed much this's what did change though!

The biggest difference - no bookshelves in the middle.  Those were loaner bookshelves, so I'm having to make do with something else!

Instead of a behavior board, I'm using this board as my star student board now.  

The calendar will be up soon!  This is how I've had it in the past.

This has been the biggest change.  The reading area is scooted a foot or so, and my books are in the corner now.

Tiki hut reading area, small group table (excuse the mess!), writing wall, and some of the computers.

Now show off your (much cleaner) classrooms!  If you have a theme, put it in the title of your link.  You could put your grade too!