Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Murphy's Law

(Warning: Vent post)

It's been a Murphy's Law kind of day so far: if it could go wrong, it has.

I've had a pretty good stretch lately, so I can't really complain if this is the only bad day in awhile.  But really?  Does everything have to happen all in the same morning?

So far (keep in mind, it's 12:30)...
  • I woke up to 2 customers wanting to hold/refund orders
  • Got out of bed, found out I wasn't pregnant this month
  • Immediately went and checked email/facebook...found out two girls I know that got pregnant the same time I did had their babies this morning
  • Tried to get my coupons together to go to the grocery store...several wouldn't print
  • Didn't get paper delivered for penny item coupon for grocery store
  • Couldn't find car keys to get to grocery store
  • Get halfway to grocery store, realized I forgot a $5 coupon I needed
  • Finally get to the grocery store...did shopping, went to check out, and the cashier literally double and triple checked EVERY. SINGLE. COUPON. I. HAD.  Had to check to make sure I had the quantities on each one...I did.  Had to check and make sure I had the right product...I did.  Finally, we get to the end, and I had a $4.99 product with a $5 coupon.  She called her manager over to take THE ONE CENT off of the coupon.
  • Get to the fast food place for lunch...didn't have the coupon I needed for it
  • Get home to find out ANOTHER girl that got pregnant the same time I did had her baby (that's three for this morning, if you've lost count).
  • A few minutes later, get an email from the same customer as this morning wanting a full refund on a project I had already done (and that she had already received all of the graphics for).
 By this point, I cracked.  I was shaking and crying there for a few minutes (have you figured out yet that I start shaking when I'm super emotional about something?).  But I pulled my junk together, and I'm better now.

But this day could go on and end if it wanted to.  I'm keeping my sanity by repeating...