Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Money-Saving Linky - June **Updated**

I thought the money saving post I did last month was so much fun, I'd start doing one every month!  I love finding new ways to save money, and there are always new and fun ways!

-Checkpoints has become my new favorite iPhone app (are you kidding?  I can earn money on my phone?). It has a whole campaign running at Wal-Mart right now that gets you like 150 points (equivalent of about 50 cents) just for scanning 5 items...that takes like a minute!  They also have Home Depot gift cards available to get with your points now.  We're saving up to help with putting in hardwood flooring later this year...we've already got like $70 worth of gift cards after only a couple of months!

You can see my last money-saving post to get an explanation of Checkpoints.  If you want to get it, just search for the name in your app store...it will come up!  And if you put in my code (lflambert), you get enough points to get a $1 gift card for doing absolutely nothing else!  Or, you can donate to the Tornado Relief with your points...which I think is pretty darn cool. :)

-Shopkick is another fun app that I love.  It's the same principle as Checkpoints - check in to businesses for points, scan barcodes on items for points...they just do it a little differently.  I still earn a ton on Shopkick (enough that I was able to use $15 in gift cards to pay for my Sunday Target run!).    You can go here to find out more, and when you download from your app store, put in my referral code (maize6807) for a 50 point bonus!

-I've written about WeReward in another post, so I thought I'd add it to this one!  You check in at places and take pictures of yourself in a store for points, that roll over into paypal money!  Click here to see it. 

-Inbox Dollars is a click-through company I love!  All I ever really do is click a link on emails they send me...and I've made around $21 so far for just taking a minute or two a day and clicking emails!

-Mypoints is another company that's similar.  You click through on emails, but you can also shop through that site and earn points, print coupons and earn points (so you save two ways!), etc.  It's fun too...and I've earned almost $100 in gift cards from there since starting about a year ago!  If you want a referral to this, just leave a comment with your email, and I'll send you a referral link!

-My FABULOUS ad company, Blogher, is currently taking new names on their wait list!  They have a new program that's lets you hosts certain parts of Blogher for awhile until new spots for the sidebar ad campaigns show up.  Click here to get on the wait list...trust me, you want to, their wait list isn't open very often!

-You know I love Swagbucks.  You probably knew that you could search and make money there, but did you know that you can watch videos and earn too?  They also did a whole campaign last month where you could donate your Swagbucks to American Red Cross for the tornado victims...made me love them even more!  (Here is an explanation of Swagbucks I did a while back.)

-I don't think I mentioned ebates before.  Before you shop ANYWHERE online, look here to see if they have a discount!  Let's say I wanted to buy something from walmart.com...I would go here, type in walmart.com in the top box, and see if it gives me a discount (it does! 2%)...then, when I click through ebates to go to walmart.com and buy whatever, I automatically get 2% deposited into my ebates account from whatever I spend!  I very rarely find a store that ebates doesn't have.  Check it out before you shop online!

-I feel like Groupon goes through waves - there won't be a thing that interests me for months, then I'll find like 10 good ones in a week.  This past week I got a couple of good restaurants here in Tuscaloosa for half price and got a half price Old Navy gift card!  Check it out here.

-Living Social is one I've liked lately too.  It's a lot like Groupon - you get really good deals for around half price.  There are a lot more available for big cities - click here to see!

Alright, what do you have this month?  Post your links below...and tell what deal we're looking at in the name of your link!