Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fun First Weekend of Summer!

Last Wednesday, Noah (as he often does) looks at me and says, "Why don't we go to New Orleans for the weekend?"

So we did.  Because we can. :)

We left Saturday morning.  Hardy got to stay with the grandparents (I'm still not sure who likes that more...), and we started our 48 hours of eating like there's no such thing as calories...ha!

I never get pictures of us, so I made an effort to try this weekend...this was the only one.  Apparently Noah's back in his "no teeth smile" stage.

We got down there in time to have an awesome dinner (casino buffet...don't hate) Saturday night, and then took it easy.

Sunday, we woke up and laid out for awhile.

This was my view for a good chunk of Sunday...so nice!  I forgot how relaxing it is to lay out.

(Warning: massive overload of food pictures.  You got to keep your priorities straight.)

We had sushi for lunch...

(yes, we ate all of it...)

And then, like we normally do, walked around New Orleans aimlessly for a couple of hours.  It's just fun to people watch down there sometimes! :)

Sunday night, we went to The Palace Cafe on Canal.  Y'all, I'm pretty sure that was the best meal I've ever had in my LIFE.  Noah had told me for years how good it was, but we just never got the chance to go.  We MADE this chance this time!

I had the gumbo and the crab cheesecake...

...and Noah had some sort of duck.

If I could cook like these people, I would weigh 500 pounds and be completely happy with it.

We split the bananas foster for dessert.  The people that own this restaurant are the people that invented bananas foster, so you KNOW it's good.  They make it by your table.  It was fun!

Obviously, we enjoyed it...I forgot to take a picture until after it was gone! :)

Today, I've been catching up on work...and gave the design site a new look!  Go check it out!  And I've also got a contest going on the facebook page.

And after that post, I'm going to go work out...