Wednesday, April 27, 2011

VERY Urgent Prayer Request

We need prayers so badly right now.  If you haven't heard, a major tornado came through our town about two hours ago.  Noah, my family, and I are fine, our area of town is fine, but Tuscaloosa is devastated.

We have a close friend with a house close to 15th street, and Noah needed to check on some clients, so we tried to go to the 15th street/Midtown area.  It is terrible.  It literally looks like a bulldozer went through it all.

I've never seen anything like that in my life.  I've mentioned before we had a pretty bad tornado come through in 2000...this isn't even on the same playing field.  A good half of this city is destroyed.

PLEASE pray.  Pray for my sweet babies at school, that I can't quit thinking about.  Pray that everybody finds shelter tonight.  Pray that UA parents can get in touch with their kids (our cell phone towers are jammed right now, especially near campus).