Friday, April 15, 2011

Scary Afternoon

Most of you know (especially in the Southeast) that there have been really rough storms coming through in the past couple of days.  Well we got our share (and then some) this afternoon.

We got out of school early today - about 12:30 - because of the storms.  Thank GOD.  If we hadn't, both of the school systems in our area would have been running buses through the areas that were hit when they hit.  That is a HUGE praise!

So we're both at home around 3:30, and something that looked like a major tornado was coming through.  It scared me, because if you live in this area, you know that the tornadoes ALWAYS follow the same path.  They catch the interstate and/or river because they're clear paths.  But this one went a little bit west, and we let our guard down.

No more than 10 minutes later, another one came through.  There were no reports of a tornado on the ground when it came through, but it looked bad.

The next few minutes were kind of a blur.  I remember hearing neighborhoods around us mentioned on TV, so we got in the hall.  Next thing I know, they're reporting a tornado right about where my parents live and headed toward my father at work (they are both in the "path" that it always follows).

So obviously, I start crying like a little girl.

We knew we weren't threatened at our house, so we stepped outside.  This is what we saw.  Keep in mind, this is VERY raw footage, and you might or might not hear me sniffling in my previously discussed little girl state.

I called my mom right after, and she was really upset.  My brothers, in their genius mindsets, decided it was smart to go out in the storm.  She's home alone, and hears this thing go over her house (she described the "train" sound everybody does).  I called her right after, so she was still in shock, didn't know how much damage there was, and didn't know where my brothers were.

So I start freaking...again.  As soon as we could possibly get in the car before we got swept away, we did.  There are 4 ways to get to my parent's house...3 were blocked by downed trees.  After driving every other way, including the back way through another neighborhood, and dodging several trees, we got there.

It could have been so, so much worse.  Just some outside damage and down trees.  My brothers were fine - they got trapped on a road that had no outlet between downed trees. 

Nobody was hurt, and things can be replaced - my husband specializes in helping with that replacement. :) 

I forgot to add this in the original post.  This was one of the craziest things we saw.  We couldn't figure out where this dust had come from.  It was coming out of all of the walls in the house that backed up to the outside.  After a few minutes of brainstorming, we figured out that the pressure from the tornado was so high, it forced all of the sawdust (and just general dust from age) that was still in the walls from when the house was built out.  My parents' house was built 20 years ago.

It's amazing what these things can do. 
We went to dinner tonight, and saw some more of the damage.

All in all, just a scary afternoon.  Way too familiar to this storm!  I'm just so thankful that everybody here is ok, and it was just THINGS that are hurt.