Sunday, April 10, 2011

Amazing Connection

I ran across this website tonight.  I wasn't even looking for it honestly; I had googled something entirely different, and it came up.

It's a website that compiles a list of many, many (MANY) different celebrities that have either been through pregnancy or child loss.  I just sat here with tears in my eyes thinking about all of these women (many of which you and I both have idolized our whole lives) that have been through the same thing I'm going through right now.  If I could talk to them, we'd have a connection that a lot of people don't get.

Some of the ones that really got me were Lucille Ball (multiple miscarriages), Princess Diana, and Vivien Leigh.  All women I have just loved me entire life, and even after the past year, I had absolutely no clue they had gone through this.  Just amazing.

But the best part of it?  Most of these women went on to have beautiful, perfect babies.  More uplifting than you know.

You can see the website here.  Just prepare though...for some reason, it was really emotional for me to scan through all of these women that understand what's happening to me right now.