Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Living in the Moment

Lately, Noah and I have really tried to see the positives in our current situation.  Yes, we don't have the most important thing, but there are some things to praise about this (and every bad) situation.

Like the fact that we can just pick up and go, whenever we'd like, without really thinking about much.  I've tried to remember this every time we've gone out to eat or gone out with friends over the past few months.  While I'd MUCH MUCH rather be in the other situation, I'm very thankful that we do have that freedom, and that we're financially able to do that.

Last Wednesday morning, Noah woke me up by asking "Why don't we go to New Orleans this weekend?"  So we went, without having to find a babysitter, or worrying about a baby all weekend, or creating a financial hardship by going.  The fact that we're still able to do that makes me very thankful, even in the middle of this storm.

Normally we decide to go out of town much earlier than 2 days before, so we're able to save by going through a hotels.com or priceline.com...not this time though.  It's ok, I just hate paying full price for a hotel.  But life will go on!

We stayed at the Ambassador...it was really conveniently located, and it was the cheapest we could find for that weekend!  Not a bad deal.

We were able to go through restaurant.com to get a few good restaurant deals...this is the way to go when you're traveling!  You can usually pay about half price for a really good meal by doing this.  We went to a sushi bar for lunch...SO SO good!  You combine sushi and fried food, and you've got a happy Leslie.

We ended up eating casino buffet Saturday night.  I know you're thinking that sounds insane...but y'all, I am a SUCKER for a casino buffet!  They are so so good.  I literally just ate crab legs...I probably had 4 plates!

Other than that, we met up with some friends, watched some basketball, and just generally had a good time.  We NEEDED it...you know you just need to get out of town and clear your head sometimes?  That's what we both needed.

And don't worry about Hardy...he stayed with the grandparents this weekend.  Here he is with my in-laws' cat, Chief...aka his BFF.  They are INSEPARABLE when they're together.  It's so funny!