Sunday, March 6, 2011

How Could I Forget?

I am reading a book right now that is INCREDIBLE. I meant to mention it in my post the other day, but completely forgot.  Somebody coincidentally posted a comment asking me about if I had read it on that same post!

The name of the book is Making Babies.  You can find it on Amazon here. (Y'all know I love Swagbucks - I was able to order it with Swagbucks on my iPhone for $12.99!)

I found this book through another blog a few weeks ago.  I really like the concept.  One of the authors was the first doctor to perform an IVF in New York - and is opposed to the standardized treatment of infertility going on in this country right now.  I have the same exact opinion - I feel like, no matter what your infertility issue is, you go through a few months of Clomid, then have a few IUI's, then have IVF - no matter what your issue is.  Personally, I feel like there's something wrong with that.  I feel like, as much as we're paying doctors, they should find a personalized treatment that is best for that patient.  Yes, Clomid is the best treatment for many women, but it's not good for many that take it - and they are given that medicine anyway.  It's a problem with the treatment of infertility right now, and needs to be addressed.

This doctor is incredible - he looks through the individual (and sometimes minuscule) problems that hinder infertility, and addresses how to fix them.  Then, he looks at natural treatments of infertility issues.  I am a big advocate of natural remedies right now, so I am loving this book.  He also looks at lifestyle changes that we don't even consider that can improve infertility.  It really is a must-read if you're having problems with fertility...or even trying to get pregnant!

I'm not saying this book is a cure-all, but I have read several cases in which this book has worked...check it out!