Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bad Day

(Possible TMI warning on this post - it's not bad, but the guys may want to skip this one.)

I'm fine.  I know I worried some of y'all yesterday - everything's ok.  It was just one of those "perfect storm" kind of afternoons.

After school yesterday, I realized I had started spotting...a week early.  So basically there goes another month.  Especially when I was pretty sure I was having some kind of implantation cramping (one little part was cramping...felt like someone was poking me).  It was just one of those "Grrrr...." kind of moments...nothing to necessarily make a bad day, but definitely doesn't enlighten your day either.  (See bottom of post if you have any insight on what the heck my body is doing.)

Within two hours of that, I also heard some great news about some friends.  The kind of great news that makes me so, so happy for them, but so, so sad for us.  Tuesday's are also my long day at school (I'm usually there from 7:30-5:30, with no breaks), so like I said, just a perfect hot mess of a storm.

I had had it by 5:00.  I got a co-worker to cover the late shift, and just absolutely broke down in the car.  I'm talking hyperventilating, snot running everywhere kind of crying.  I hadn't had one of those in a while, so I needed it.  I'm sure everyone driving around me thought I was a freak show though. :)

My husband is SO good at knowing what I need in times like this.  He took me out to dinner (with my red swolen face and all).  Chuck's sushi is NEVER bad...

 ...and he brought me flowers.  Even if they're $4 flowers from Food World, they're still special. :)

So I'm here now, just waiting for another month to be over.  I guess I put a lot of stock in this month, because it took us 4 months to get pregnant the first time, and it's been 4 months since the second miscarriage.  Dumb, I know.  We also have A LOT of people having babies right now...I very easily know one person a week having a baby for the next two months.  So it's just constantly in my face, and I can't run from it, and it's frustrating.

There.  My pity party is over.  Don't let me start it again, at least for another few weeks. :)

Is there anybody out there that has been through a 7 day luteal phase before?  Yes, I know, that's freakishly short.  It happened last month too (exact same thing, 7 days exactly after I ovulated I started spotting, period started 3 days later), but I thought it might just be a fluke.  I am 100% sure the Clomid has messed my body up...I NEVER did this before.  I regret the day I took that SO much.

Ok, back to the question...anybody had experience with this?  I'm on 100mg of B6 to counteract an already sort of short luteal phase, but it's not working.  I thought about Vitex, but I'm a little scared of it...I've heard bad things about it too.  It's a little early to go to my OBGYN about it (because I WILL NOT go back to those fertility doctors), but I'd like to fix it sooner than later.  Any insight would be awesome!

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