Thursday, February 3, 2011

Week in a Picture

This picture pretty much describes my week.

Negative.  Nothing.  No October baby.

I won't get to dress our sweet baby in a tiny Halloween costume.

I took this test Monday, after getting what I'm pretty sure was a false positive Sunday (line appeared after the 10 minutes, was shaped funny...but it gave me some hope).  So I really knew that this cycle was a bust Monday.  That was a pretty rough night.  I called Noah crying, and he brought me these: 

If he's not the best, I don't know who is.

Even though we got the "official" confirmation today, I knew in my heart that we were out for this month with that negative test earlier this week.

I feel broken.  I feel like this month was a complete waste.  All that time, all that money, for nothing.  For me to feel like this today.  And I thought we had everything so perfect.  It honestly just feels like an insult.

I don't really know where we're going from here.  I had my baseline appointment today for another round of Clomid...I'll hear those results tomorrow.  I'm sure they will tell me everything's normal, like they always do. 

Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news...but everything is NOT normal, and I'm starting to get tired of hearing it is.

If it were, I'd be either 6 months or 3 months pregnant right now.