Monday, February 28, 2011

Fun Money Saving (With Linky!)

There are a few things out right now that I'm LOVING!

-There's a new app I got on my phone a few days ago called CheckPoints.  You check in at random businesses (just about every business lets you check in) through the GPS on your phone.  Then, once you get to that place, you can scan the bar codes of various items throughout the store for more points!  Every 300 points you get is a $1 Amazon gift card...and the points are not hard to get at ALL (I got 200 just running by Rite-Aid today).  I know the iphone has this app, and I think I've heard that Android has it too...just check your app store, or click on the link above for iPhone users! (And if you wanted to put in the referral code lflambert to help earn your first dollar FREE, you wouldn't hurt my feelings. :))

-Today is Swagbucks' birthday.  If you did this for the last couple of years, you know they give out a TON of codes today.  You also get a 50 point bonus today if you sign up and put in the code 3rdBirthday130...just click here to sign up!  (I explain Swagbucks here if you are new to it.)

-I have discovered the beauty of buying coupons on ebay.  I heard their rules are about to change, but you can get a ton of coupons you might not have for super cheap! (Technically, they're not selling the coupon on ebay, that's illegal...they're selling their time to get the coupon for you.)  For example - there's a fabulous deal on Kibbles n' Bits dog food coming up at Publix where you can get a $5 bag for 50 cents each.  I bought 20 coupons on ebay for $7 or so, and Hardy will never run out of food!  That prevents you having to buy a ton of newspapers every week, and you can get coupons that aren't available in your region.

-Groupon, Groupon, Groupon!  I love this site all of a sudden.  They've been coming out with a ton of good deals in our area!  If you're from Tuscaloosa, can you say Chucks and Five (that's running today, if you want it!)?  Go here to check them out.

-While we're in the restaurant department, is another awesome site.  This isn't for every area, but they have half off gift certificates to a ton of awesome restaurants.  If you're local, they have Mellow Mushroom, sometimes they have Buffalo Wild Wings, and a ton more!

What money-saving ideas are you loving right now?  Link up or comment below!