Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Clomid was a nightmare.  I took my last pill Friday night...thank the LORD!  I think I had every symptom I've heard of with it...hot flashes (I'm talking hot, to cold, back to hot within minutes), moodiness (Noah asked if I had made my sacrifice to the demon gods one day...it was that bad), fatigue, and cramping.

But I think it might have done its job...

I went for me surge appointment this morning.  This is going to sound like I'm speaking in Chinese to most of you, but here are my stats:

Estradiol: 1133
Progesterone: 0.9 (I know that means I haven't ovulated yet.)
LH: 14.5

I also had my ultrasound...I had one HUGE follicle on the right (31mm!), and one huge but smaller follicle on the left (I think it was around 25-27...I can't remember for sure).  She said the bigger one could be a cyst, and from what I'm reading online she might be right (even though I had no cyst on that side at my baseline appt).  But if both of those were eggs?  HOLY COW!  Those sound great.  They didn't have to give me my trigger shot because the follicles were already so big.  I had a positive ovulation test tonight, so I'm thinking it's going to be super soon!

So I kind of feel like we're in halftime of this cycle.  I've done my job for the first part, and the second half is the long, agonizing wait of it all. :) 

I'm feeling super super positive about this cycle right now!  I think it's just knowing we're doing everything we (humanly) can, and leaving the rest of it to God.  That feels good.

That being said, y'all are welcome to be armchair quarterbacks here.  I'm still new to this whole hormone level thing/follicle thing, so let me know what experiences you've had with these numbers!