Monday, December 13, 2010

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

I wasn't able to put up pictures of our outdoor Christmas decorations last night (because of, you know, the darkness)...but here they are!

I actually made the new wreaths last year.  I got all of the ribbon/embellishments on super discount at a craft store, so I stocked up while I could!  I really like how they turned out.

They're making me want to switch to all bronze/gold for our Christmas decorations!  I love the combination.

This on the other hand...I'm not thrilled with the way it turned out.  I wanted to keep with the gold/bronze thing, but I can't get this thing to stay in place on my mailbox to save my life.  It's been super windy/rainy here the past few days, so that could be it.  It's about to drive me crazy though!